How to fill a C100 Child Arrangements Order form?

Atualizado: 31 de Out de 2020

How to fill a C100 Child ArrangementsOrder form?

(Article Part 1 – to be continued in Part 2)

When a relationship ends, and you have children, it is necessary to agree where your children will live, and the time the children will split between both parents. These are called 'Child Arrangements'.

In specific, as of today, this C100 form is used for:

1. Child arrangements

2. Prohibited steps

C100 Form Child Arrangements, Prohibited Steps Order and Specific Issue Order

3. Specific issue order or

4. To vary or discharge or

5. Ask permission to make a section 8 order

This How to Fill note is to help

Download PDF • 482KB

(Please check the gov website for the latest version of the form)

p you the Litigant in person, who needs justice through our courts, but have not been able to afford a solicitor, or have not been able to get Legal Aid.

Who wrote this? This blog page has been authored by a Family Law Paralegal who has successfully completed many Child Arrangement Order applications, and till date, none has been rejected by the Family Courts for the reason of inaccuracies. However, the disclaimer is that if you need legal advice or help to fill the C1100 form please consider a Family Law Solicitor.

Which Law is the C100 application?

The C100 Application under section 8 of the Children Act 1989 for a child arrangement, prohibited steps, specific issue order or to vary or discharge or ask permission to make a section 8 order

Having said that, if you are still here, then read on. If you are unable to reach a child arrangements agreement which will lead to a Consent based Chid Arrangements Order, you will find yourself in the thick and think of the Family Law of our country, in specific you may more often than not be looking at Private Family Law, under the Child Act 1989

What is the PRE Application requirement for C100?

As it stands there was a change in the Law, and you are now legally required to consider Mediation before applying for Child Arrangement Orders to the Family Courts of England and Wales.

In a technical phraseology, they call it MIAM …. the acronyms standing for Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting (MIAM).

However, there are practical exceptions, if Domestic Violence is involved, then you may not need to attend a MIAM. But please do not think that is a way out if you just want to skip the step, as you will need to provide the court evidence of Domestic Violence (such as a police report to prove domestic violence has taken place or a Non-Molestation Order or any other injunctions that the court may have granted in the past) and should bring it to the first hearing.

C100 Mediation Declaration for Child Arrangements Order

Courts do not take it nicely if you simply want t skip Mediation for the purposes of time, there is a good reason why in children matters (contact / prohibited steps order (PSO) or/ and specific issue order (SIO) that Mediation has been recommended. It is always best to try to come to an agreement rather than a court process which may not end up in the resolutions you so seek.

You can find a Mediation company close to your home on the website.

Where will you find the latest form?

Our government has done a pretty good job (I would at least say so) in regards to publishing the Family Law Application forms on the Gov.Uk website. and is available on (on the date of authoring this Article on 02 Aug 2020) on the gov site

Pages: The C100 form as it exists today has 26 Pages (please don't be scared, at least yet!), and Page 2 is the most interesting page, a blank page (literally) for the sake of trees (or not). On a serious note, the 25 Pages do consist of very detailed information that needs to be filled in.

(To be continued in Article Part 2…….)

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